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Visibility's Favorite Object: Uni-Tray

Visibility is an industrial design studio based in New York City. It was founded by Joseph Guerra and Sina Sohrab in 2012. The studio focuses on the purity of an idea, as well as its material and formal actualities. The constant ambition is to move forward while looking back, drawing on observation and innovation as instruments of development. Visibility aims to distill an object to what it wants to be, retaining what appeals to our human sensibilities.

On their Favorite Object

This is the Uni-tray, a small stainless steel tray, originally designed by Riki Watanabe in 1976. These trays are ubiquitous in Japan and are most commonly found by cash registers, used by customers as a way of passing money to the cashier. In this use they have a beautiful way of providing closure to a sale.

There’s an incredible balance between form and function in these trays. They have a very utilitarian purpose, but are unobtrusive and calm in their approach. Similar to the interaction they facilitate, a gesture of civility, they are polite and human. The profile sweeps gently upward, providing a slight lip that registers perfectly with one’s fingers. We love them for these qualities, they are timeless and balanced; they’re an object which can exist in the far off future as easily as the past.

Text & photo credits: Visibility
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