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Lorena Fernández is a creative consultant and the author behind the creative inspiration blog “Nu sua lua.” Based in Barcelona, Lorena loves communication, design and all things arty and shares her discoveries on her blog. She is also currently working with different creatives such as photographer and film maker Álvaro Sanz and graphic designer Julia Castaño, as well as helping small brands with their social media, marketing and content creation.

We sat down with Lorena to ask her 10 questions about her process and inspiration.

Nasualua portrait2
Nasualua athome
At home

To begin, can you tell us a little more about the project — its origins and purpose.

Almost three years ago I was working in a big company, surrounded by great people and earning a salary but I was feeling miserable. That’s when I started writing a personal blog and that’s when everything changed, a project I really liked because it was entirely mine.

Tell us more about yourself, what’s your background, what do you do and what have led you to this point.

I’m a 30 year-old girl from Barcelona that studied Translation and Interpreting (from English and Portuguese to Spanish and Catalan) at university because I thought I wanted to be a translator but never felt passionate about it. Later on I continued my postgraduate studies in Linguistics and Editorial Services but I only enjoyed the editorial part because I realized I loved editorial design. After working as a translator and not loving it, I began to wonder what I really wanted to do with my life.

What’s the meaning of the word “Nasualua” ?

“Na sua lua” is not a word, but three words, in fact. It means “in her moon” in Portuguese, because that’s where I usually am, in my own world, with my head in the clouds. I really liked the meaning and how the words made a repeating sound so that’s what made me choose it.

If you could give a piece of advice to yourself year ago, what would you say?

You’re doing fine, Lorena you’re taking the right decision. It is indeed possible to be happy doing what you like to do. Leave the office and just let things flow! Everything will be fine.

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Nasualua donfisher
Don Fisher
Nasualua blog
Screen shot of Na Sua Lua

From your experience, what advices do you have to share with aspiring bloggers, whether it’s in terms of content, marketing to differentiation?

In my opinion, if you have the idea of having your own blog because you think you have something to share with the world, you should just do it and start your blog. It doesn't matter if there are one billion blogs out there, you are different and your voice is unique. Also, don’t give up. It will take time until you get your first comments, you just have to be patient and consistent.

It doesn't matter if there are one billion blogs out there, you are different and your voice is unique.

I think good content is basic. Post about what you like, of course, but choose quality pictures, proofread your words, check your links, credit your sources... take it seriously so your readers will take you seriously as well. Also, I recommend to be active in social media, maybe not in each and every social channel but in the one(s) you enjoy the most. There’s a great community out there waiting for you!

What do you wish there were more and less of in terms of the current blogging landscape?

Usually when you tell someone you own a blog, the first thing it comes to their mind is a fashion related blog. You know, one of those blogs where a girl showcases her wardrobe and strike some poses. I wish people knew there are lots of blogs out there that have nothing to do with that. Not that I have anything against them, it’s just not my style. I wish there were more blogs focused on clever design! I’m always on the lookout for new blogs to be addicted to. Also, I wish everyone credited when credit is due because no, Pinterest is not who took that picture.

Who for you are your biggest inspirations, both in terms of what you do and other mediums of creativity, such as music, photography and art?

I know plenty of people that inspires me in some way and some of them are friends of mine, which is great. Food stylist Sanda Vuckovic or graphic designer and founder of Deriva Mag Marta Vargas are some of my biggest current inspirations, I find their creations exquisite. Music-wise, I’m inspired by moody folk bands like Bon Iver or Daughter but of course everything depends on the way I feel.

I lived in Lisbon for some months and immediately fell in love with its decadence, its nostalgic vibe, colorful buildings, rich history…“

Also, Portugal is a huge inspiration for me: I lived in Lisbon for some months and immediately fell in love with its decadence, its nostalgic vibe, colorful buildings, rich history… I felt I belong to that country, something I have never felt in any other place other than my city, Barcelona.

Nasualua barcelona
Nasualua portrait1
Out and about in Barcelona
Nasualua donfisher 2
Don Fisher in the making
Nasualua lisbon
Nasualua madrid

You're now in Barcelona, Spain. What are your favorite aspects of the city, and how does it influence or inspire your creative work?

I was born in Barcelona and I love my city. When I was at university I used to look at the Erasmus students and wonder how would it be like to be a foreigner and discover Barcelona for the first time. I think Barcelona has lots of nice spots, beautiful seaside walks, nice views from the top of the city, trendy neighbourhoods with good restaurants or cafés, a multicultural vibe and also an adorable traditional scene, with markets full of fresh food and lovely old couples buying their groceries. I’m sure my city influences my work because elements like the sea or colorful scenes are always catching my attention!

What are some must read posts on your blog?

I like the way my style evolved during these two years and a half but some of my first posts are also some of my favourites. One time I felt the urge to tell everyone how much I loved hanging up my clothes and feel the sun warming my neck.You can find it here

Also, I really liked the blog post I wrote about a day I was on a train, very sad, and a girl painted a portrait of me. This is one of my most sincere and personal posts and some of the nicest stories that ever happened to me. You can find it here

Regarding my new posts, I like the ones I talk about my favourite instagrammers the most. Here you can find the whole series here

Unfortunately they were written in Spanish though...maybe it's time to consider switching my blog to English..

What’s lined up for Na sua lua in the coming months?

I will continue blogging because I enjoy doing so and I feel like I need to share with the world the art and talent of the makers and crafters I meet. Also, I hope I can continue doing the best I can helping Álvaro, Julia and some other people that own projects I find inspiring and creative. Other than that… who knows what will come next! I can’t wait to see it, though.

The end
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For more check our Lorena's blog at Na Sua Lua & Instagram

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